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Honest promise to make you beautiful,
ipse cosmetics
ipse is derived from Latin,
meaning “Make yourself beautiful”.
ipse cosmetics would keep your healthy skin and
rights to be beautiful.
With reliable products, ipse cosmetics
would give you the best value which make you
happy from your heart as well as skin.
Promise of ipse cosmetics
Company, putting customer first than being the best, Company, not compromising for the best value Company, making you happy and touched, these are promises of ipse cosmetics.

Studying company
We reinvest over 5% of sales in R&D to realize true cosmeceutical with harmony of eco-friendly ingredient and biotechnology.

Confidential company
All products of ipse cosmetics use only the best of safe and fresh law material and are developed by professional research team, having skilled know-how for solutions for each skin problem.

Company, improving customers’ value
Since established in 1996, ipse cosmetics, studied only skin, has continuously strove to make the best product, giving customers the best value.
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